30 September 2014

Zero Robotics Competition launched

Zero RoboticsThe Zero Robotics competition has just been launched.  

The 2014 ESA High School Tournament registration is now open to European secondary-school students until 26 September. The competition is mostly about coding but not only, it is also about applied Physics and Mathematics and problem solving. Students which participated in the past have been extremely positive and enthusiastic.

More about the competition


Apollo 15 Experience is coming to Limerick

apollo-150x150Over 7 billion people live on planet earth, only 24 men have flown to another celestial body, in 2014 one is coming to Limerick.

On the 16th and 17th of September 2014 you will have an opportunity to meet and greet Apollo 15 CMP Al Worden. This event is not just a dinner & lecture event, but a true opportunity to meet and greet such an inspiring individual. Test Pilot, Engineer, Poet and Apollo Astronaut.


Not only does Worden present his first hand experience of preparing for and travelling to the moon, but meets with attendees for a personal photo shoot and autograph opportunity. A truly unique experience.

Bringing this event to Limerick is a once in a lifetime opportunity for many people to meet one of only 24 men who have flown to the moon. Shake the hand which guided the Apollo 15 Command Module to the moon and back.

Visit the website to learn more.

Join the “Rosetta, are we there yet?” photo competition

rosettaAre we there yet is a question we all ask or are being asked when we travel. After Rosetta’s ten-year epic journey to Comet 67P/Churyumov–Gerasimenko, we, at ESA, ask the same question.

You are invited to join us in the last part of this adventure by participating in the “Rosetta, are we there yet” photo competition. You can win a trip to attend the event celebrating the first landing on a comet, in Germany.

Rosetta, are we there yet?

Competition: win an exclusive set of ESA ATV DVDs, pins and patches

Win an ATV Box Set

Win an ATV Box Set

For ATV’s final flight this year, ESA is releasing five educational videos based on the five visionaries that lent their name to Europe’s space freighters. Jules Verne, Johannes Kepler, Edoardo Amaldi, Albert Einstein and Georges Lemaître form the inspiration to explain the principles of physics for young and old.

The films and demos will be made available through ESA’s video channels during the course of ATV-5’s mission but ESA is also producing a limited-edition DVD box set with all five films, pins and patches from each ATV mission and a booklet. The ATV blog has 5 of these sets to give away, to decide who gets these the ATV – education challenge was created.

Visit the ATV Site to found out how to take part.

Cansat competition successfully completed

The 2014 European Cansat Competition reached a successful conclusion on 5 June, after five days of intense activity. This year, nine teams of high school students from six ESA Member States and five teams who had won their national competitions, participated in the exciting contest, which took place at the Andøya Rocket Range in Norway.

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