23 November 2014

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Explore a variety of space related resources currently available from ESA and others.

ESA Education

ESA Education ESA Education

The ESA education material has been structured into two categories, category A contains Classical Materials which available in hardcopy or downloadable pdf format. The second category B contains Online Materials which are more of a dynamic and interactive nature. The material from both categories is labeled depending on the audience it is aimed at while also And also identifies the subjects it is relevant to:

  • P = primary ~< 12yrs
  • LS = Lower Secondary ~12-15 yrs
  • HS = Higher Secondary~ >15 yrs
  • HE = Higher Education

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ESA EduSpace ESA EduSpace

The Eduspace website encourages teachers to use Earth observation data in their curriculum by providing ready-made projects. It is rich in didactical material, especially in local and global remote sensing satellite data. It is a source of ideas about how to introduce space-related matters into the classroom, where full scale examples are also presented.

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Galaxy Zoo Galaxy Zoo

Hubble uses gorgeous imagery of hundreds of thousands of galaxies drawn from NASA’s Hubble Space Telescope archive. To understand how these galaxies, and our own, formed we need your help to classify them according to their shapes — a task at which your brain is better than even the most advanced computer. If you’re quick, you may even be the first person in history to see each of the galaxies you’re asked to classify.

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CanSat Competition CanSat Competition

CanSat is a simulation of a real satellite, integrated within the volume and shape of a regular soft drink can. The challenge for the students is to fit all the major subsystems found in a satellite such as power and communications into a soda can of 350ml. After release from a rocket or a captive balloon the CanSat has to perform a certain mission and land safety on the ground.

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Institute of Physics Transition Year  Institute of Physics Transition Year

The Universities and Institutes of Technology offer a number of different options for Transition Year Placements, ‘Transition Year Week’ experiences and Transition Year Lectures. There are also many industries, in which physicists are employed, that may also offer work placements or transition year programmes. Please find various modules for Transition Year physics, interactive online resources and a ‘Physics Book Club’ with a suggested reading list.  See menu on left for further information and links.

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TY Astronomy Module  TY Astronomy Module

A collaboration with Physics teachers, Science Foundation Ireland, and the Physics Department in UCC has recently launched a new Transition Year Module in Astronomy. This is designed to last 1-2 terms, and is based on a series of “hands-on” demos and practicals for the students to carry out. No prior knowledge of astronomy is required.

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